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Family roots bind me to this magical island and this same love has helped me to create this web site all dedicated to Pantelleria. I have been working in tourism for  more than 20 years in Italy and abroad, and I offer my experience as a guarantee of reliability and high standard for those guests who want to visit the island. Wishing to fulfill your expectations and realize a wonderful holiday just relaxing.  


Francesco Pineda 

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Private Jet (Dammusi Vacation Pantelleria) is pleased to offer you our top private jet booking service.
The luxurious service will allow you to reach the..


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"Le Frecce Tricolori" in Pantelleria

Travelandfair t.o. had the great honour of hosting the most important crew of the Italian airforces, "Le Frecce Tricolori" on the island of Pantelleria, receiving special awards for the work we have done.

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Auto-Scooter-Mountain bike- Boats- and more.


Our competitive prices, and the quality 'of our services at your disposal.

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Dammusi for rent in Pantelleria

Are you looking to rent hause in Pantelleria? Travelandfair t.o. Dammusi Vacations offers Dammusi, Resort and Residence on'island of Pantelleria: Dammusi ancient, restructured, with swimming pool surrounded by green pine trees with a breathaking views.

We Rent a house suitable for all your wishes and needs.


Our offers are on request (price availability), in the event that they do not respect your budget idea, it will be our concern to find a plausible solution, which respects your request for price, quality and position.


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